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Discussion on: Cloudflare Registrar: Why Am I Super Happy About This as A WebDev/Blogger?! [Gifs]

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Vinay Hegde • Edited on

Concisely written! However please note a few key details you seem to have missed out on:

You can't actually register a new domain with the Cloudflare Registrar. Not yet. Today, the service is restricted to existing Cloudflare customers transferring their existing domains to us. If you’ve had trouble transferring domains before, just wait: we’ve made the process extremely smooth and easy.

After we've given existing Cloudflare customers a chance to take advantage of the Cloudflare Registrar, we'll open it up more broadly. At that time, we'll allow new domain registration as well. But, regardless of when you sign up, our promise will always be the same: best security practices at the wholesale registration price. A registrar you can trust, and, we hope, one you can love.

Here's the source for those wanting the original post.