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Discussion on: Resources for Getting into DevOps?

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Vinay Hegde • Edited on

Even I recently learned that it's more of a mindset than a role although in practice, most (if not all) organizations tend to pitch it as one.

Call it an attempt to evolve the industry, glamorize the traditional SysAdmin (who wouldn't be awed if you told them you were a DevOps | SRE as compared to the former :D ) or lack of awareness, this will perpetually be hotly debated by everyone part of the software ecosystem.

Anyway, adding to the insightful comments here - I suggest a few resources I found useful

  1. The DevOps RoadMap (scroll to the bottom)

  2. Learn Anything - DevOps

  3. Zeef - Link1 & Zeef - Link2

Hope these help, cheers!

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Tomas Forsman

The RoadMaps are awesome and a great starting point for anyone wondering where to go next in their dev journey.

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Vinay Hegde

Glad to know it helped you out tomas, please feel free to share