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Discussion on: Share your cover letter which helped you to get interview for Software Engineer job.

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Vinay Hegde • Edited on

Absolutely spot-on! Adding to the above, you could compose cover letter to any organization roughly using the below points:

Ensure your name, location & links your social media profiles (GitHub, LinkedIn, Personal Website, Blog) & your email / phone number with ISD code is specified right on top before beginning.

A link to some recent news about the company and what excited you about it.

  • Maybe their product, ideology or the way they conducted some activity?
  • You can get this via their social media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)
  • Alternate means like Crunchbase, their Website OR Google Search → Navigate to News section.

Because you mentioned the Software Engineer Role, find the company's technical blogs.

  • Good ones have it linked in their website itself because sharing their accomplishments is a proud feeling.
  • From a candidate's standpoint - It'll also tell you how much active is a company in testing out new technologies as well as detailing their experiences on their current ones.
  • If unavailable on their website, Medium is a great place to start. Use a one-liner to express your thoughts on the above.

Now, express your interest in the exact role by stating a few brief points as to why you're unique for it, more information below:

Sign off by re-iterating what challenges you could help them solve (their job description page should give you 1-2 keywords) and finally, thanking them for their time.

One thing I do to make this quicker is to maintain a Word document as a template wherein I change just the key details as per organization before exporting it to PDF for sharing. Writing a few cover letters will help you get there.

Hope this helps, cheers!