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Discussion on: What password manager should developers use ?

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Vinay Hegde

A homegrown server would offer total privacy (due to being on local network) but would be inaccessible elsewhere.

Either of DigitalOcean/Linode or AWS/GCP can be used depending on one's budget, latency, support & ease of use among other parameters.

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Aahnik Daw Author

Why ? Is it not possible to expose the home server to the outer world ?

Some configuration in router can be done ?

Honestly I have no experience

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Vinay Hegde

No problem, let me attempt to clarify as much I can.

A server (here the Bitwarden software) needs a DNS record with public IP Address(es) to be reachable by clients (smartphones, laptops) over the internet.

Hosting it on a home server won't help as home routers have private IP addresses unreachable via the internet & thus the above stated DNS as well.

It'd also be a security breach of one's computing device if the router gets compromised whilst exposing it as a server.

Hoping this helps!