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Discussion on: Infrastructure Access for Feature teams?

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Vinay Hegde Author

Thanks for the valuable inputs Raphael, very helpful.

Separating access to dev/UAT & production based on seniority sounds a bit off-track to me as it'd leave junior colleagues with little understanding of prod architecture & issues + become a blocker if none of the seniors are available.

It can also lead to teams starting up resources in dev/UAT & miss on cleaning them up later, creating high bills in AWS/GCP.

What do you think is a good approach to solve this?

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Raphael Jambalos

Hi Vinay, I do think this multi-account structure can be improved upon by adding tags on resources and giving devs write permissions for those tagged resources.


  • Junior Dev: Read only, write access only when applicable
  • Senior Dev: More access


  • Junior Dev: Write access to resources with the appropriate tags
  • Senior Dev: Full Access, can provision resources


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Vinay Hegde Author

The suggestion of using tags & the shared documentation certainly helps, thank you Raphael!