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Discussion on: What salary negotiation tips have you learned?

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Vinay Hegde

Invaluable insights in the comments!! Wishing I had encountered them early in my career.

While some were generic, most were specific to American job market, hiring process, cost of living & labor laws.

Adding a few pointers (from an Indian perspective), hoping they help.

  • Never reveal current/expected salary in the 1st HR screening, do it after all the interviews conclude with an offer on the horizon. This is because you'll either get underpaid or be priced out even before the whole process starts.

  • Always get the figure from the company before you reveal, either verbally or written (if specifics are not possible, a range should also work)

  • Don't assume recommendations, experience, certifications or insider connections entitle you to the number you want. You won't get it unless you ask.

  • Certain companies in India often include a lot of jargon around the salary structure (known as CTC) making it look like a lot on paper (variable pay, allowances, ESOPs, conditional bonuses) but very less in actuality. Do ensure you understand each component before you sign-up.