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Discussion on: DevOps Roadmap - How to become a DevOps Engineer

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Vinay Hegde

Very well written article Nana! Just a few suggestions from personal experience, hoping they help:

  1. Hands-on knowledge with fair understanding of number 3 can save one's life, especially at a small company/startup where one is given the reins of the entire infrastructure.
    It also would help when one works with concepts like microservices, service mesh & distributed tracing.

  2. Points no 4, 7, and 8 are simply too vast to be covered in a roadmap, especially at the beginning of one's career. They are better grasped as one progresses along.

  3. Focusing on the why of things before coding to problem-solve as it's a transferable skill that'll serve one well regardless of workplaces.

Looking forward to more of your articles & videos, cheers!

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Techworld with Nana Author

Thank you Vinay for the feedback and for your valuable insights!