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Discussion on: How Writing Helped Pull Me Out of My Burnout

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Damir Franusic

Thank You for sharing your story, I'm always deeply moved when reading such honest and personal depictions of something that has become way too common in modem times.

Being in web development can be a little exhausting at times

This is a massive understatement :), and I utterly feel your pain. It is as palpable as it can be, and your choice of words is a remarkable representation of endless loop of vexation.

Here's a little poetic expression of my repressed wrath stoking the perennial ember of madness.

When programming slowly starts to posses your dreams, the moment of clairvoyance approaches rapidly. A single glimpse of not so distant dystopia brings you face to face with a screaming banshee, your future self. The fading ember of zeal which once fueled your existence is now departed. As you stand on the cusp of madness feeling shivers traversing down your spine, the elusive demon slowly ravages your mind until there is but a void. The foreboding daydream or premonition of the past, the lunacy has set in and shackled your intellect with perpetual doubt, your bespoke abyss. --vimmer9

I also wrote something similar, maybe that's why it's so easy to relate.

Loving the illustrations 👍

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Phil Tietjen Author

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the read :D

I also enjoyed your poetic expression you shared.

I only worked from home for around 2 months for my first job shortly after my daughter was born, and it was a lot of days spent in sweat pants tackling bad habits working late to make up for guilt. I'll have to give the article you shared a read! :D

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Damir Franusic

I forgot to add that, among others, was one of the most notable factors that got me back on track and sparked a desire to explore my writing affinities.

I don't want to mention any names here but having a propper support, professional or otherwise, is more than paramount.

Big Thanks to, my wife, and one special person who I connected with on this platform. I tend to think that everything happens for a reason, and sometimes the result is quite liberating and difficult to fathom.

All those bits and byes that constitute our exchange of messages can be both devastating and exhilarating. We should all take a step back before commenting, and think about the person on the receiving end, think about the potentially fragile state they might be in.

Thanks for reading 😄

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Damir Franusic • Edited

You story, for some unknown reason, inspired me to publish that poem with some adjustments. Brothers in burnout 😉