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Discussion on: Forty and still a dev?

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Damir Franusic • Edited

I wrote a post about my background:

I am also nearing 40, and time really is relative, it seems to have speeded up 🤔. I am almost 38 and will probably never disembark the coding train, in a manner of speaking.

There is an observable tendency in the coding community to strive for management positions; some see it as a wage increase opportunity, while others just realise that coding is not for them, and can't see themselves engaged in that sort of work in years to come.

Age is not an issue at all but there are some inevitable changes that everyone will have to come to terms with.

  1. You will need to get more rest
  2. Exercise should be much higher on your todo list
  3. Don't take it too seriously when younger devs don't agree with you just because they are obsessed with some latest framework, let them play with their toys

Everyone tries to keep up with latest developments in IT sector as much as humanly possible, but due to exponential increase in the frequency of these changes, you need the capacity of a super human to be able to follow.

These days everything is about Web and Javascript and this is how programming is perceived, for the most part. Younger developers are taught web related technologies as their starting point in the world of programming, which is vastly different than the path of most older programmes which usualy comprised Pascal, C, COBOL, even ASM.

I would like to conclude this comment by recommending the older guys to stick to what they know and even try to perfect it. I am doing the same, and even though the preconceived notion of companies hiring only web proficient devs is somewhat true, there is plenty of work for programmers working with low level languages like C and VHDL (FPGA) for example.

Maybe I'm lucky, but every time I disclose my love for C and low level programming, I somehow get offered a job. Oh, one more thing. When I said earlier to stick to what you know, I didn't mean to do it exclusively. It is a good idea to devote some time to learning new web technologies just to stay in the loop, not to become an expert or anything. Although, maybe there are cases of 40 year old programmes becoming experts in bleeding edge technologies; maybe they needed a challenge, a change, who knows, it is not unheard of.

Experience will always be valued, and every company needs both younger less experienced devs who can get less fatigued by working long hours, and older more experienced ones who, like it or not, have some age induced limits.

printf("Keep coding whether you're %d or %d, just try to enjoy it.\n", 40, 20);