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Discussion on: On Dealing with Anxiety and Depression as a Developer

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Damir Franusic

It's always good to know you're not alone, and is also one of the reasons I decided to write mostly non technical articles. I also have a myriad of issues, social anxiety being of them and complete lack of self esteem the other. It's sometimes so severe that I question my every move and even though I did something right I still can't shake that gut feeling that I must have done something wrong. Some would classify this as an impostor syndrome, but I know that this goes way back to elementary school, but I am not going to go into detsils here. I also have epilepsy but fortunately enough, I only had one foamy shaker 😉 20 years ago. The medications I take is a 2 pill combo, one is primarily to supress seizures while the other is used for bipolar disorders and epilepsy. The good thing is that my anxiety is under control when I take these, otherwise I would get panic attacks and 💩 would hit the fan.

I still have to find a way to combat the lack of interest which sometimes happens mid-project and it's a pain. I feel catatonic and cannot seem to able to continue my work no matter what. IT sector is riddled with mental issues but most of the affected people still hide it and are not willing to admit it.

Thank you for your article,