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Discussion on: Is this burn out?

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Damir Franusic

Definitely burnout, it's even officially recognised as QD85. I'm currently experiencing the same issue, can't offer any tips since coping techniques vary from person to person. The fact that you commute to work is a plus, if you worked from home in that state of mind, well, it would be much worse. Writing about it helped me a little bit, which was something I never would have expected. I was first scared and ashamed but then finally decided to go with it, post it, make it public and see ig there are other people out there with similar problems willing to share their experiences. To my surprise, there is abundance of stories like yours and it's a struggle, but it's not a death sentence.

I hope you recover quickly or at least find something to mitigate the symptoms.

This is what I wrote to vent out: