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Discussion on: On Being a Hopelessly Insecure Programmer

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Damir Franusic


I have just recently joined this community and wrote my first post which is similar to yours. I have been in software development for around 20 years. I started when I was 16 or so and now I am close to being 38. Sorry to say but in my humble opinion, singular human brain is not equipped to catch up with global technological advances since they are happening at an increasing rate. It's difficult for me to imagine how I would feel if we had all these frameworks, languages and options when I first started. I probably would have decided that it's too much for me. You need to find a coping mechanism and try to find a balance as others have suggested (I do yoga for example and even that doesn't always help).
I have experienced burn-out many times and I am still recovering. I am starting to consider the possibility that I will never fully revert to pre-burnout state but I am still hopeful. The point is, pay attention to your own behavior and reactions and if you notice some unwanted changes (panic attacks, insomnia, etc.) take a step back and just relax and chill out if you can. Anyway I hope you find a way to keep up with your work and not get caught up in burn-out loop.

Good luck,