4 Great initiatives to find open source projects

vikyale profile image Victoria Ubaldo ・1 min read

Hello, recently I wanted search more projects to practice python and javascript, so here share you some resources to find great projects to collaborate and improve our tech skills :) :

CodeTriage (https://www.codetriage.com)
You can take one issue from your favorite repo per day to help you understand and learn more, and stay involved with the code you rely on.

issuehub.io (http://issuehub.io)
You can search issue labels to find the right project you want to help.

Pull Request Roulette (http://www.pullrequestroulette.com)
Find open source pull requests that need a reviewer before merging.

Contrib (https://gauger.io/contrib)
Browse open source projects with issues for beginners.

Good luck :)


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Thank you!! The code triage one looks awesome


Thanks for the list, I didn't heard of them before!