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Interviewee Experience

I came here for interview and it was normal experience this time might be because I have a job in hand looking for another better opportunity. It is proven that this works this way. Do not quit the job and look for one. It affects sometimes in your presentation. It is really good to seek better opportunities because this way you come to know what is going on in the industry. I have given my previous interview in one small company and I was like kind of confident and really did well according to me. I had one thing he asked was ABI and RXSwift. I said I don’t know and I researched it later and found out that it is one of the language's features which adds its Rx prefix with the API in which we use it. Today the company I am interviewing is based on its own product of building in Customer Identity and Access Management. Let’s see what I get from here. I have come to know today that there is one new stream is in the market called DevOps which simplify the process of delivering quality and efficient products to the end user. They use Docker for this purpose and there is something called containers which help improve the products backbone. One another new thing which comes to know that is redux. As far as I have heard they are saying it is the successor of flux and made to simplify the MVC obstacle of complexity working
In a few minutes, I will be giving my interview in the room and let you know what I got

It was an initial round as they said and just get to the point what they have asked me?

Two question

  1. What if I have an array of [1,2,3,4] And I divide the count of an array by the first element of the array.

Ans- I answered it 1 (it is wrong) may be because of some hesitation I did that but the correct answer is 4

  1. I have an array from 1,2,3...10 and the number 7 is missing from the array and I want to find out that which element is missing. What should I do?

I answered it sum of 1,2,3...10 - by the sum of missing numbers array objects. (Copied and pasted) sorry 😐

I could have answered below answer but it could have taken much time.

For (int i = 1; i<= 10; i++){
If(i == arr[i]){
Array contains the i th element
Array missing the element

After waiting for a couple of hours they called me for my next round and asked about myself and I told them everything what I did in education and in a profession, what products I have built and what was the best experience while working. They have asked me 8 boll question which goes like this

I have 8 bolls; each and everyone is identical to each other but one among them has manufacturing defect of higher in weight. So every boll is same in weight but one is defective and you have only two attempts to use measurement instrument; how are you going to find out which one is defective?

Answer is leaving two bolls behind and measure set of three bolls with another set of three bolls if anyone among them is defective then we will do the next attempt of measurement for a defective set of three bolls by taking any two bolls in the measurement process if anyone is defective; we will come to know and if not in this measurement then it is confirmed that The defective boll is the remaining one.

If in the first attempt at measurement we don’t get any differences then it is assured that the set of two bolls which we left behind has the defective one. We will use our second attempt to measure weight for this two boll and the defective one will be the one which weighs heavier

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