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(Unofficial) API's for Instagram

In 2018, Instagram shut down its public API. Meaning, third-party apps can no longer access the API from Instagram without permission. Third-party apps now need to be approved by Instagram before they can access the API.
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What is Instagram

For those dwelling under rocks, Instagram is a Facebook-owned social networking service mainly used for sharing photos and videos. It’s one of the most popular social media platforms in the world; as of October 2019, it averaged more than 1 billion monthly active users.

Because of Instagram’s popularity, there are several unofficial Instagram API (Application Programming Interfaces) that have been created to assist developers to integrate its features into their applications.

I evaluated several Instagram APIs based on the following criteria:

  • API features Features that makes the API stand out.
  • Price Cost of integration and free tier.
  • Ease Ease of implementing and consuming the API.

Here are the results (Drum roll!)

Instagram Brand Analytics API

With the Instagram Brand Analytics API, you can see your brand’s top rated posts and other helpful information, enabling you to tell what people think about your offerings. You can use the API to search for all comments from a particular post or search for the trending posts about your brand. It’s the API you need to gauge the sentiment of your customers on Instagram.

Easy Instagram Service API

With the Easy Instagram Service API you can get an Instagram post by shortcode, get Instagram profile by username—including follower, following, average like, and last post—and get a list of Instagram posts by Instagram ID.


With the Hashtagy – Generate Hashtags API, you can get a comprehensive list of hashtags based on your keyword. If you provide a keyword, the API will automatically generate related hashtags that you can use to increase interaction on the Instagram platform as well as on other social media sites. Furthermore, the API allows you to get related hashtags fetched directly from Instagram.

The Gram API

The Gram API provides a wide range of Instagram tools you can use to enhance the capabilities of your application. With the Gram API, you can retrieve user highlights list by username, retrieve user avatar by username, retrieve user stories by username, and search users by username. The API will assist you to easily grab the information posted publicly on Instagram and increase the engagement of your app’s users.

Instagram Facebook Media Downloader API

The Instagram Facebook Media Downloader API allows you to download any media from both Instagram and Facebook. With the Instagram Facebook Media Downloader API, you can easily download photos, videos, and other media from Instagram and Facebook. Consequently, you can use the downloaded media to stimulate your audience’s attention, increase your brand’s visibility, or improve your content’s quality.

I hope you find these APIs useful. Happy coding!

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