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Top Movie APIs

I am a movie buff and love movie trivia. APIs help third-party applications to easily integrate with large movie sharing platforms and create some cool apps. Here is my list of top Movie APIs. I evaluated movie APIs on the following:

  1. API features
  2. Data format
  3. Price
  4. Ease of Use


IMDb is the most authoritative information source for movie, TV, and celebrity content, trailers, casting updates, photos, trivia, industry news etc. are always constantly posted on the platform. IMDb API allows developers to query information about films, actors, and characters. Other important pieces of movie information like Release date, Runtime, Genre, Directors, Writers, Actors and Awards can also be accessed using this API


uNoGS stands for unofficial Netflix online Global Search, this platform enables users to connect to Netflix and access information

Entertainment Data Hub API

This API is currently maintained and managed by Internet Video Archive (IVA). This API allows developers to access metadata from video streaming platforms. The API uses HTTP methods and can return data in JSON format.

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