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Google Geocoding API Overview

Google Geocoding API is part of Google’s developer APIs that allows developers to translate between human-readable location addresses to location coordinates. For example, your office address can be converted to its geographical location coordinates, defined in latitude and longitude. This is called geocoding. This API also supports reverse geocoding wherein a location coordinate pair can be converted to its approximate location address. In this article I will present an overview of Google Geocoding API.

Google Maps Geocoding API has a freemium pricing model, so you can opt for the BASIC subscription and make 500 API calls per month.


This API has two endpoints

  • GET Geocoding
  • GET Reverse Geocoding

The API also returns the details of address components, contained in the address_components key, starting from the street name, all the way up to the country name.

If you interface this App with the Google Maps Geocoding API’s ‘Geocoding’ endpoint, then for the address shown in the app screen, you will get this result.

You got the location coordinates of the customer which can be saved for future navigation purposes. You can also verify this coordinate on Google Maps to confirm the address.

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