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Free Weather APIs

I am a compulsive maker who loves creating side projects. But the sad reality is that many of my ideas don't see the light of the day. So it is important for me to keep costs under check. Developing an app is not free. It takes time and resources. Deploying is costlier. I am a Rails developer, and I deploy my apps on Digital Ocean and Linode. Rails 6 apps need a $10 server to deploy. Some costs can be avoided and free APIs is one of them. I am creating a weather app and I am using a free weather api in my development process. I researched many weather apis which are either free of have a free tier. Here is my favorite ones.

  • Open Weather Map - 100 requests/day Fast
  • Dark Sky API - 100 requests/month
  • Weather by Weatherbit - 150 requests/day
  • Weather 2020 - 1000 requests/day - Good for development phase. Latency is a killer.
  • Weather by Location API - 100 requests/day
  • Visual Crossing - 500 requests/month

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