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what is the best music genre to program with?

...And why it is dubstep/drum&bass?

Jokes apart, I am not a mdma type of guy, that goes dancing in clubs and stuff like that, but when I am writing code, for some weird reason I can concentrate better with this kind of music.

Probably because is simple and upbeat, and does not make you think.

what about you?

Just if someone is interested, I do have a small "coding playlist" in here.

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I usually prefer post-rock, e.g. Mogwai. I find the broad guitar walls incredibly calming.

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Vincenzo Author

you shouldnt be calm, you should be in the mood "I am going to kick asses"

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I could play the louder Mogwai tracks.

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Vincenzo Author • Edited on


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Depends on what I am doing, a lot of the time I am listening to podcasts (history and politics which suit my outside interests) but when really working on problems it can be upbeat things or hard rock/industrial/metal which can get my blood pumping. Part of my issue is I can get easily distracted so I tend to listen to things a lot as they allow me to keep focus, which always makes people think I am on a call.

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Andrew Cato • Edited on

I'm really bad at passively listening to things, so podcasts are out.

Most of the time, it's old hardcore (recently a lot of Bad Brains and Rollins-era Black Flag), Periphery or this low-fi hip-hop playlist.

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Ferdinando Santacroce

I don't always listen to the music while coding, but when I need to focus or avoid distractions I listen to

From the FAQ: makes music to help you do what you need to do, better. The company uses a patented A.I. engine to create music backed by scientific research to help listeners focus, relax, and sleep. While other music is primarily made to sound good and evoke feelings, works with teams of scientists and composers to engineer music specifically designed to help you enter particular mental states within minutes of use.

I'm not related to it, just a fan: it works very well, at least on my brain :)

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Vincenzo Author • Edited on

if I'm working on something difficult or I'm struggling with a bug

that is my point in the other comment, when I work on something hard and I need to focus I need something upbeat, probably listening to classical music will kill my mojo

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Fran González • Edited on

As tuX0r mentioned Post-Rock is wonderful for this, specially some Godspeed You! Black Emperor, This Will Destroy You and the like, but lately I’ve been enjoying a lot some Jon Hopkins while programming, it’s electronic music with a lot of ambient influences that it’s just amazing to be focused and aroused at the same time!

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For me, it's something upbeat and rushing my heart, with no lyrics or something with lyrics that I don't know or I can't sing along with. for example korean music (I recommend BTS) or japan anime soundtrack like Attack on Titan and whatnot.

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Jeremy Schuurmans

Don't judge, but Lorde. Pure Heroine. I don't know why, but something about the beats and melodies of those songs helps me focus really well, so that album is usually on my Spotify. I also sometimes like epic movie soundtrack music (Audiomachine). Classical music, too. Anything that either gets me energy when coffee fails me, or fades into the background and helps me focus, depending on the day.

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Tim Smith

I listen to a lot of different kinds of music. Typically not hip-hop or anything with a heavy beat. I also try to avoid lyrics if at all possible. I basically want something which can function as a sort of "white noise" and just be there. The goal of my music is to remove me from the world around me so I can focus on the code. In my opinion, music should be in the background, not the foreground. I have a few playlists here.

I also like to listen to things like jazz, classical, soundtracks, Hammock, or even search out music I've never listened to before just so it's something different. I also like to listen to music in languages I don't understand. Just a few suggestions ;)

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Casey Brooks

I don't usually listen to music while coding, but when I do I generally prefer music without lyrics. My favorite stations on Google Play Music are Instrumental Hard Rock, and Romance By Guitar.

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Frank Carr

I listen to a wide variety of music but most of it is guitar centric.

This morning's playlist was Nonpoint and Cage The Elephant but I may switch to something calmer like classical guitar or country blues this afternoon.

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Stephen E. Chiang

Like many here, depends on my mood and what I'm doing... Ranges from piano to pop to reggaeton to electronic. I think for me it correlates to how new/complex the task is... If it's something I've done a million times, the music can be as loud, varies and distracting as can be, but if I'm struggling or learning and need to stay calm, then piano keeps my fingers flowing...

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Music with no lyrics for me. Abstract hip hop is fine. Or Video Games soundtracks : they often start slow then go intense and epic... making you feel this poor forEach loop you work on is kinda revolutionnary.

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Jeffrey Tao

A lot of days it's lo-fi hip hop on SoundCloud. Some days it's even the famous lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to YouTube channel.

And then some days it's future funk/city pop and occasionally some vaporwave.

And some days it's k-pop! I don't speak Korean so the words don't bother me, but the upbeat music keeps me in a good mood while I work.

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Prodigy, olds

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andrew • Edited on

but when I am writing code, for some weird reason I can concentrate better with this kind of music.

because it is essentially shaman’s drum, which rythm brings your brain to state of trance )
and you can scaffold your RoR project with way less “distraction”

but do you really solve problems while listening to music?
what I have noticed about myself, that with tdd, when you do iterations of questioning your own design, rather than doing one-time take on design with framework building blocks just to see this “hello world” appear on webpage once, the best music to accompany the process is silence )

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Ronaldo Peres

It depends on my humor, and what i am programming...

Lately, i found the radio of freecodecamp:

and cause of that channel i found a lot of others like this one:

Also, i like to listen rock from 70's, 80's

And some trance psy too, found Boris Brejcha good to my concentration:


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Jesse M. Holmes • Edited on

It depends on the mood and environment for me, but on those days when people can’t keep themselves from busting in my office all day long, Gymnopédie No. 1 keeps me calm.

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Ben Inada

Chillhop/lofi hip-hop has never failed to put me in a calm, focused mindset.

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Lars Wächter

Most of the time I'm listening to Chillstep

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Carlos Gonzalez

Lo-fi hi hop for me

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X Dream, "we Interface", I spent years of listening to this one during work|coding

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CokeStudio (shameless plug for Pakistani fusion music)

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Dinesh Pandiyan

I listen to Opera music. It helps me turn of the outside world and tune in the Engineer in me.

Spotify has this playlist - Opera Classics. It works the best for me.

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Danny de Vries

BitBird (San Holo) or Flume are my go-tos.

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this RETRO seems to work pretty well

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cahyo wibowo

Maybe jpop 80s, future funk and free jaz

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El Chala

Rock (90's , Indie) some times electronic music, Jazz and instrumental (piano, guitar, sax, drums). On Friday something more danceable 😅