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Is pulling a reddit?

vikkio88 profile image Vincenzo ・1 min read

in the last couple of weeks I have had a lot of people following me, most of them having a github profile, but an empty one.
Is, by any chance, pulling an early reddit? Meaning, are you creating fake users just to make look like this website has more users that it actually has?

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Ben Halpern

This should address the issue:

If you suspect an account is a fake you can report it. But we don't necessarily see an empty GitHub account as overly suspicious, as a lot of folks just don't do any OSS development. We have other cues to detect spam accounts.

vikkio88 profile image
Vincenzo Author

it is just really weird.
why would 2-3 people with empty profile and empty github follow me every day?

julianvickers profile image
Julian Vickers • Edited

I know in my case (I joined yesterday, so my profile is still empty and I have an empty Github) led me to follow certain accounts in response to interests I said I had, and you were one of the suggested follows. Not sure if that accounts for them all, but data point of one here...