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Vicky Vasilopoulou
Vicky Vasilopoulou

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7 extensions of Visual Studio that you will love

I have been using this extensions for my work and found it really helpful so I felt that it would be good to share.

  1. Change-case
    Quickly changes the case of the current selection or current word.

  2. Color Highlight
    Love that one! Highlights web colours in your editor

  3. Eslint

  4. Prettier

  5. generact
    Generates React components by replicating your own!

  6. Live Share
    Is the perfect tool for live pair-programming

  7. ECMAScript Quotes Transformer
    A simple quotes helper for JavaScript and TypeScript.

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Mehmet Yatkı

Hey Vicky, thanks for sharing your list. You may wanna try this little extension of mine too :) I've just released a new version.

GitHub logo yatki / vscode-surround

🔥A simple yet powerful extension to add wrapper templates around your code blocks


Visual Studio Marketplace Visual Studio Marketplace GitHub last commit License

A simple yet powerful extension to add wrapper snippets around your code blocks


  • Supports language identifiers 🚀New!
  • Supports multi selections
  • Fully customizable
  • Custom wrapper snippets
  • You can assign shortcuts for each wrapper snippets separately
  • Nicely formatted
  • Sorts recently used snippets on top 🚀New!

Demo 1: Choosing a wrapper snippet from quick pick menu

Demo 1

Demo 2: Wrapping multi selections

Demo 2

How To Use

After selecting the code block, you can

  • right click on selected code
  • OR press (ctrl+shift+T) or (cmd+shift+T)

to get list of commands and pick one of them.


Each wrapper has a separate command so you can define keybindings for your favorite wrappers by searching surround.with.commandName in the 'Keyboard Shortcuts' section.

List of commands

Command Snippet

surround.with (ctrl+shift+T)
List of all the enabled commands below
surround.with.if if ($condition) { ... }
surround.with.ifElse if ($condition) { ... } else { $else }
surround.with.tryCatch try { ...

Cheers, 🚀🖖

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Vicky Vasilopoulou

Nice one Mehmet thank you!! will do, looks really useful!