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10 things you should do to become a Project manager

1. Learn as much as you can about product management

you should learn as much as you can about product management white you are still a software engineer.

2. Stick to your domain expertise

You should stick to the domain expertise at the beginning.

3. Keep and strengthen your SQL knowledge

As a product manager, you constantly need to validate your assumptions with qualitative and quantitative data.

4. Skills to use UMLs and User flows

Be a professional for UMLs and user flows. It will help you understand both development and business well.

5. Keep open-source mindset

Keep on sharing knowledge generously.

6. Make side-project

Prioritising learning above programming.

7. Hackathons

Given the time constraint hackathons often just focus on feasibilities test, not desirability test.

8. Become a good writer

A skill to master is to learn to write good notes and documentation. Convert notes into action items is the next stage.

9. Keep away from solution discussions

To be a PM, you should learn to give the authority about the solution to the developers. The duty of PM is to describe the "why" and "What".

10. Get out of GitHub

starting the focus on identifying the user needs and business requirements and learning how to write great user story. GitHub will distract your focus and will ultimately harm the trust as PM among the developers.

This is a summary of this nice talk by Product People. You can check this video on

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