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Top 5 Best Shipping Aggregators in India

Best Shipping Aggregators in India

If your business has reached the stage of growth where monthly order volumes are greater than 500, you’re probably looking to expand your shipping solutions. One of the first 3rd party logistics service providers you’ll look at is eCommerce Shipping Aggregators in India. They are essentially 3PLs that have existing partnerships with the top established shipping companies. So when you’re first looking for multiple courier partners, you can skip the rigorous process of selecting 2-3 out of the 120+ operational shipping companies, and just focus on fulfillment.

You also have the added benefit of being able to easily integrate with shipping partners through an aggregator, which saves you time and money in upgrading your tech capabilities. However, with over 20 aggregators spread out across the country, determining which aggregator to select can become as taxing a process as choosing a shipping partner.

Checklist of Top 5 Best Shipping Aggregators in India
That is why we’ve determined which 5 aggregators are the best in the biz, so you can make a quick and informed decision.

1. ShipRocket

ShipRocket is the most popular shipping aggregator currently in operation and caters to numerous big-name clients like Gillette and Bira. This company was founded in 2012 and has since grown into one of the largest aggregators, with over 240 employees handling their operations for small, medium and large enterprises. They are known for their effective dashboard for analytics that covers numerous important metrics.

When it comes to ShipRocket’s pricing mechanisms, they offer 3 payment plans to allow you to avail of the most cost-effective shipping solutions within your requirements. Their Professional Plan is the most preferred as the rate levied is Rs 23/500 grams, and it is inclusive of multi-marketplace integrations as well as international shipping. Their Lite plan is Rs29/500 grams, and only allows for 1 marketplace integration. The final is their Enterprise plan which is completely customizable based on business needs.

2. Shyplite

Shyplite, founded only in 2016, has experienced rapid growth and is now the logistics aggregator for major e-commerce companies like Gadget Now and the Gourmet Jar. With over 100 employees manning their operations, they facilitate smooth integration with over 16 different shipping companies and ensure successful delivery to over 26,000+ pin codes.

Shyplite is also known for its extremely cost-effective solutions, charging enterprises only on the basis of the dimensions of each shipment and the delivery destination. One of the crowning features of Shyplite is their custom tracking page and its extremely effective customer support team that helps enterprises resolve their shipping issues.

3. Pickrr

Pickrr is another favorite of e-commerce businesses, especially those that cater to more niche areas in the country. Founded in 2015, Pickrr and its 50+ employees specialize in providing speedy delivery to all parts of the country. Partnered with 10 shipping companies, they serve a range of over 27,000 different pin codes.

Rates are determined depending on the volume of orders fulfilled each month. Each shipment costs Rs.29 when monthly order volume is less than 1000, Rs.26 when monthly order volume is between 1000 and 5000, and finally Rs.22 when monthly order volume is greater than 5000. This makes it among the cheapest options for large enterprises.

4. Vamaship

Vamaship Also began its journey in 2015 and has since risen to employ the services of 10+ shipping partners. They provide their services across 27,000+ pin codes. Their onboarding process is by and large considered quick, easy and cost-effective. It also offers multiple marketplace integrations.

The most popular feature they offer is their service for doorstep quality checks on returning items. This helps to reduce the number of losses that occur in fraudulent returns.

5. ShipKaro

ShipKaro is another rising star in the logistics aggregation industry. It is, however, the youngest of the aggregators on this list, having been started on in 2017, with a goal to meet the rising logistics demands. With 100+ employees working for them, serving 20,000+ pin codes with 13+ shipping partners, they provide extremely competitive prices for bulk shipments, though that is dependent on the payment plan you select.

Their standard rate for shipping normal orders is Rs.32/500 grams, making it among the more expensive. This is for their individual plan which offers limited access to shipping partners and no bulk-shipping. Their larger plans, the business plan and the enterprise plan offer a much larger variety of services and resources and are levied at Rs 1499/month and Rs 2999/month.

Final Note

When it comes to aggregators, the major things you want to look at are pin code reach (i.e., serviceability) and payment terms. Beyond that, the value-added services offered by each aggregator can also go a long way in improving the delivery experience. All in all, it comes down to which aggregators are most equipped to help you optimize your delivery operations and currently these 5 have made it to the very top of that list.

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