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Victor Inojosa • Edited

Well... the main difference is that Flask is a microframework and Django is a "Batteries Included" framework.

This means that Django comes with a lot of stuffs ready to use like ORM, DB Migration, DB Drivers Modules, Forms, Users, Backend interface, middleware handle and all you could need to start your big project quickly.

In the other side, Flask is very simple by default... it just handle requests and responses and use Jinja2 to return templates as html (same as Django). But, Flask provides a lot of modules easy to install and put together. So it's perfect for small focused projects.

That's why Django is meant for big projects with typical CRUD, users, modules, model relations, etc; and Flask is perfect for small projects like API REST, data analysis or similar.

But in favor of Flask, you can use it for big projects.... but if you need Django for a small project it could be a nightmare.

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Chris Achard

Ahh, that makes sense - a lot like express.js is a micro framework and rails is a "batteries included" framework. Thanks!

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Victor Inojosa

You're welcome!

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