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How not to Undercharge Web Design Project?

Vijay Thapa
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β€œHere (In India) competitors have made a market so down that they are getting ready to make this website even in 3500. To 4000 rupees. That surprise me very much and make me uncomfortable to earn from this developer profession...
And called myself a developer. So called grand profession but for little money even ..”
- Ramendra Soni (YouTube Subscriber)

Note: This article is based on a comment made by a subscriber on my YouTube channel and my reply.

My Reply

Same thing happening in Nepal as well.

At these amounts we can't even get a better hosting and domain. I don't know how they are doing it.

In the beginning I was also frustrated with such schemes and I did not have answers to the clients.

Now I focus on value based pricing.

First I try to understand the problem of the client.

And then I propose a web based solution that will provide value to them (sales, leads, conversion, donation, Brand Identity, etc.)

Also make a habit of giving justification on everything you do.

Why did you use that font or color or icon?
Why did you choose placement in a certain section?
How will the feature help your clients?

No guarantees, But these things have helped me to get better clients.

Here's an article where I discussed about "Designing a Website that meets Business Goals."

And how do you charge for your web design project?

Please let me know in the comment below πŸ‘‡

Discussion (3)

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Jon Randy

When I did freelance work, I always charged by the hour, never by the project

vijaythapa profile image
Vijay Thapa Author

But In countries like India and Nepal, Employees are paid on monthly basis or on project basis only (No one is paid hourly).
What can we do in such environment?

jonrandy profile image
Jon Randy

I only have experience of billing customers as a solo freelancer, so unfortunately can't offer much wisdom here.