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Global Zipcode or Postal code with Latitude and Longitude API

Global Zipcode or Postal code API is a freemium API that is used to autofill the city and state from Pincode or zip code. For example, when the user fills in the Pincode on your website or mobile application this API will return the city and state.

Global Zipcodes API provides the 94 countries zipcodes data available with latitude and longitude details. You can get the nearby area of pincodes by country, and places, distances between two zip codes, the distance between zip codes, and nearby area by latitude and longitude information. There are more than 4 million zipcodes data available in this API.

Uses and benefits of API:

These APIs widely using in eCommerce applications, delivery apps, financial apps. Below are the benefits from this API:

  1. Helps user checkout faster with autofill state and city.
  2. Reduces manual human errors.

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Joe Steinbring

If you only care about US data, the US Census Bureau has tab-delimited data for zip/postal code to latitude/longitude coordinates and city/state to latitude/longitude coordinates. I haven't seen anything in the Gazetteer files for city/state and zip to latitude/longitude coordinates but that is probably because a zip code can straddle many municipalities.