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Contus Fly — Sendbird Alternative for Chat API & Messaging SDK for Android, iOS & Web

Collaboration has been the medium for messaging and mode of sales conversion. This has become a reality where integration of real-time chat application on mobile apps and websites is imperative. There are diverse best chat sdk for iOS/Android available in the market where Sendbird’ role make a huge impact in the market. There is always a better alternative for every powerful solution, likewise, Contus Fly capture the position as a best competitor or alternative of sendbird. Contus Fly is an instant chat application assist in building a chat solution whereas Sendbird provides API/SDK for android and iOS to launch chat application. To scrutinize these two good solutions for building your chat application or integration to any of your platform, we have come up with some parameters to bring out the comparison of sendbird alternative & Contus Fly.

Comparison of Sendbird Alternative & Contus Fly


SendBird Contus Fly
SendBird provides an absolute API integration to any of your platform such as bots to assist customer support. Contus Fly, alternative to sendbird provides best chat API integration for iOS/Android with a centralized API admin to take control over your chat application.
SendBird provides multi-platform support that is more compatible with both iOS and Android. Contus Fly incorporates in-house best chat SDK solution that assists in integration on multiple platforms on Android, iOS and Web through code libraries.
A limited cloud-based storage assists to scale and pay as you magnify. It provides unlimited cloud-storage based on the number of users.
As a Sendbird altenative, provides custom built best chat api integration for android/iOS for businesses to amplify business collaboration.

Contus Fly - Chat SDK & Messaging API


SendBird Contus Fly
SendBird provides a limited set of features under the custom pricing rate. Customization at its Key specification, Contus Fly offers absolute messaging sdk for iOS/Android with customization of scalability, features and integrations.
Consist of fully customizable in-app messaging sdk and chat api support features that differs according to the scalability of the Chat app. Contus fly renders a custom cloud server where the user can host on own premises to scale up your accessibility.
Hosting on SendBird’ cloud storage platform. Contus Fly provides a complete control over your messaging app source code.

Build Vs Buy - Sendbird Alternative




Contus Fly:



SendBird Web App:

SendBird provides SDK’s for all major platforms ranging from web to mobile platforms. When it comes to the Web application, SendBird provides complete sync over the web application compared to the mobile application. Synchronization across multiple platforms provides a seamless experience to the end-user. SendBird works on the following browsers Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and much more. This is the key factor that the solution stands out from SendBird alternatives.


Contus Fly Web App:

Contus Fly is considered as a custom-made solution and alternative to sendbird that offers a complete package of in-app messaging sdk and chat api that consists of Front-end UI, backend technologies and the accessible admin portal tools. Contus Fly’ chat api for android, iOS and Web application provides a fortified chat experience that functions seamlessly on all the browsers.


SendBird Mobile App:

SendBird mobile application enabled features that captivate the end user to bring intuitive user experience. Sendbird messaging sdk and chat api is entitled to add a real-time chat experience to any applications that brings efficiency and specific methods to initiate and configure the chat from the client side.

Contus Fly Mobile App:

Contus Fly, the best alternative of Sendbird designed for mobile application available in SDK with full source code that assists in building a complete real-time chat solution that consists of advanced features creating a virtual experience to the user. The best chat sdk is designed in such a way that offers an opportunity to take control over the entire messages and to connect on a more intimate or personal level.



SendBird Contus Fly
Pricing is based on the number of users and features that has to implement. Contus Fly solution is priced at a one-time cost which consists of unlimited users and features as per the business requirement.

Make Your Choice:

Every product and messaging sdk/chat api differs according to the kind of business requirement. Before choosing the right solution to partner with, make sure the kind of features and best messaging SDK and chat API you are looking to scale up your business growth.

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John S. Kim 💬

Thanks for mentioning us! :) Cool to see that others are referring to our work at Sendbird!

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Is it? Contus Fly is one of the alternatives of SendBird. Nice to hear about the new product which is similar to sendbird.

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Great Stuff! Helpful for the users who are struggling in choosing the best chat SDK. Thanks, Vigneshwaran!