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GUI for Salesforce CLI

Vignaesh Ram A
Salesforce Developer. Interested in Web technologies and App development.
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Whenever I wanted to run a Salesforce CLI command, I had to switch between Command prompt and Salesforce CLI documentation and do the following:

  1. Search for the Command in the documentation
  2. Read about its usage
  3. Copy paste the sample command to command prompt
  4. Modify it to suit my needs
  5. And finally run it (BAMM ! ERROR 😋)

I had to go through this strenuous routine every time. What if all these can be done in one spot with just point and clicks? This thought pushed me to develop a Visual Studio code extension Salesforce CLI Command Builder - A GUI for Salesforce DX CLI

It provides a simple GUI (Graphical User Interface) to build, execute, learn & play around SFDX CLI commands from within vs code. It uses Reactjs for frontend code and standard VS Code Extensions API, nodejs & typesript for backend logic. Basically I am not a ReactJS developer. But the knowledge in Lightning Web Components helped me to learn ReactJS in no time (planning to write a separate post on my LWC to ReactJS journey).



Check out my extension Salesforce CLI Command builder


Discussion (2)

danieldeepak profile image

I like this idea. I gonna install and use it.

chimchim2 profile image

This is awesome. You're saving a lot of us some very valuable time! Hope to see more form you.