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Delegation is the last thing managers should do

Delegation is a vital skill of effective leadership. It involves entrusting tasks and responsibilities to team members based on their skills, capabilities, and expertise, thereby fostering a culture of empowerment and accountability.

Effective delegation not only enhances productivity and efficiency but also promotes professional growth and development within the team. Mastering the art of delegation enables managers to focus on strategic initiatives and decision-making while empowering their team to take ownership and contribute to the overall goals of the organization.

There are lots of things you can do. Here are the ones I believe have the most impact:.

Before delegation

  1. Raise team's capabilities According to Blanchard, different people in different situations need different styles of leadership. High competence and a good attitude are the first criteria to consider. Every member needs continuous improvement. Even the ones with high expertise who recently joined your team or the members who formed the team in the first place.

Giving your members training is an effective way to build trust and the foundation so that they can do the work with the least of our direction.

  1. Communicate clearly There are important things that we need to clearly communicate to your directs
  • A SMART goal is a way for us to know when the work is done and how we can measure the progress. This is a critical tool so that they can manage themselves.

  • Capability dictionary: a list of what we have to obtain to do the work with best quality. Members who are eager to learn can refer to it to improve their competency.

After delegation
It is very difficult for everything to go the correct way from beginning. Now monitoring comes in handy

  1. Provide feedback
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    For managers, 1:1 meetings are a familiar tool. We should use it to give instant feedback from various points of view so that members can correctly “turn the steering wheel.”.

  2. Reflect on process
    We can learn a lot from observing others working. Write it down and update the processes for future preparation of the next delegation as well as our own way of working.

Last words
Mastering the art of delegation is not just about distributing tasks; it's about empowering your team, fostering growth, and achieving collective success. By delegating effectively, managers can unlock the full potential of their team members, creating a dynamic and productive work environment where everyone thrives. So, embrace delegation as a strategic tool in your people management arsenal, and watch as your team flourishes and accomplishes more than you ever thought possible.

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