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Transfer contents and files using SCP from remote to local machine via bastion

It's always a challenge to move content (text) and files between a remote machine and localhost (local machine). The challenge becomes even harder when there is a bastion host or a Jumpserver in the middle that needs SSH (Secure Shell) access.

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As I work day-in and day-out with virtual machines in Cloud, I am asked to send logs, copy or move files from the remote machine to local for debugging. In the linux world, coredump is required most of the time to see why a server or a component is crashing. Moving files like a core dump is required for debugging or understanding the state of the machine.

For this scenario let's consider three machines (VMs or VSIs),

  1. Localhost
  2. Bastion host with a private IP -
  3. Remote machine / server with a private IP -

Scenario 1: copy a file from remote machine to localhost

You will be using SCP(Secure Copy Protocol) from local to remote via Bastion.

  1. Run this in one session/window/tab of the terminal on your local machine

    ssh -L 1234: vmac@ cat -
  2. In another session/window/tab,

    scp -P 1234 vmac@  output.log

Scenario 2: copy contents of a remote file to clipboard

On your local machine, run the below command to copy contents of a file to clipboard using pbcopy

ssh -J vmac@<BASTION_HOST_PRIVATE_IP vmac@<REMOTE_PRIVATE_IP> 'cat /home/vmac/output.log' | pbcopy
ssh -J vmac@ vmac@ 'cat /home/vmac/output.log' | pbcopy
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Using VPN

If you want to access a machine using a private IP, you can always connect to an VPN (client-to-site or site-to-site) to access the contents of a remote machine.


Happy learning and sharing :)

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