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Secret 🙊 Life Mantras To Ace Your Life — Part 1🌟

Hey ,Netizens.🤓I hope you all are in good health ❤

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I am back with another exiciting and proficient series of** Life Mantras** .This Series would definitely make your life little more productive, energetic, positive and gives you a clear cut way to grow along with your life instead of going along with life .Overall, you will look after life in different dimension.Once you start to follow these mantras along with your daily routine📅.

Before we start〽️

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*The first step is to check if we are ready for the journey by checking if we are ready for any discomfort that may come our way, are we ready for changes? And then we choose our ideas of the future and then place them on the table. Every huge ideas starts with a small point. A small push. And we neverstart and get immediate results. It's only down to two choices, either we start realizing the dream or we drop it.

Are you Excited ❓❓

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Let's Begin the Journey...🚀

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✨M A N T R A S✨

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  • One of the most efficient ways to manage and get important tasks done is to jot down a list of the most important things to be done in decreasing order of priority the night before or on the morning of the day.Then get started and complete the first task only. And then move to the next without being distracted.This way, we get most of the work done in one go and without splitting our attention between multiple works. It forces us to prioritize and focus on the most important thing with full attention. It's simple too as we limit the number of tasks to around 6.

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  • If you know what you want to do, but are postponing it to tomorrow, then know that tomorrow turns into years and soon, into a lifetime. It's not because we can't do it but we aren't willing to do it. If it's reallysomething we want done, then for sure we will find a way to do it because that's something we absolutely need DONE! You'll always find a way to get what you want done. Putting off things is thebiggest waste of life. It snatches away each day as it comes and denies us the present by promising us the future.

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  • Our looks have nothing to do with personality/confidence. Our personality is just a reflection of we seeour self. The thing is, our personality is just a movie inside our head and we own the script. If there'ssomething we don't like about our personality, then we need only just make a new script for that particular situation. Then read the script every day for 21 days for just 3 minutes. By doing this, we are engraining it in our brain and so, we automatically become who we want to be.

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  • If we want to get something done, then just start off by convincing yourself to do that task for 10minutes. And then we can decide if we want to stop or continue doing the task for an hour or so(reading). No matter how busy you think you are, you must find time for reading. Or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.If you fail, then celebrate. Because, success does not bring happiness. It's the other way round. Happiness brings success.
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  • **The most important thing in life is your ability to shed trouble **and to laugh through life – your ability to turn ducks into swans. Because “a sunny disposition is worth more than fortune.” I have had a long lifefull of troubles, but there is one curious fact about them – nine tenths of them never happened.’
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  • The truth is that most of the troubles of humanity are imaginary and should be laughed out of court. Don’t cross a bridge until you come to it, and don’t say good morning to the Devil until you meet him. All is well, until something actually goes wrong, and even when it does, nine times out of ten it’s not as bad as you thought it'd be. Remember, a wise man is the confirmed optimist.

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  • ** It’s a huge mistake not to seizean opportunity when it’s given to you**. If you’re presented with a real opportunity – whether it's a business deal or the person of your dreams agreeing to go on a date – act quickly. It's a "flash of lightning". A great business is never built, except on lines of the strictest integrity. A reputation for“cuteness” and sharp dealing is fatal in great affairs. Early in his career, Carnegie was given a bonus of $2.50. When he gave the bonus to his parents to help support the family, he said no future success thrilled him like that one and that he couldn’t even imagine one that did. And from this point on, AndrewCarnegie knew he wanted to be rich. But not for himself. He dreamt of his parents being able to ride in acarriage one day, for them to have the good things in life. He not only knew he wanted to be rich, but he had a powerful motivation behind it – a motivation bigger than himself.

We are almost at the end📉.Keep Reading..😇

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  • Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge, you’ll become a fool. Let your learning lead to action, you’ll become wealthy. The lesson? Take time to read every day. And whenever you learn something that matters, put it to use as soon as humanly possible. Further, Carnegie says his success in life wasn’t because of what he had known or done himself, but because of his skill of knowing and choosing others who did know better than him. What’s crazy is “the steel king” says he knew very little about the making and marketing of steel. He also says “I did not understand steam machinery, but I tried to understand that much more complicated piece of mechanism – man.” He understood people – how to deal withothers and make them feel good, what makes them tick, how to get a group of people to work together and so on. The single most important skill you can develop for success is learning to understand people and move them toward a collective goal. Another, Andrew worked in Washington during the Civil War.His thoughts on President Lincoln? “He had a kind word for everybody, even the youngest boy in the office. His attentions were the same to all, as deferential in talking to the messenger boy as to the Secretary Steward. I noticed that he was never tired of praising his subordinates in the war. He spoke of them as a fond father speaks of his children”. Genuine appreciation is one of the easiest things youcan give. It also has perhaps the biggest impact.

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  • The power of decision is sometimes overlookedupon. When Carnegie was making only thirty dollars a month, he said “already future millionaire dom seemed dawning.” Or when he got yet another promotion at the railroad company he worked for, he declined, “telling him that I had decided to give up the railroad service altogether, that I was determined to make a fortune and I saw no means of doing this honestly at any salary at the railroad.” In other words, he made a decision he was going to be rich. He was convinced he’d make it happen. And at that point, "nothing could be allowed to interfere for a moment with my business career.” He did whatever it took. There’s a similar story about John Rockefeller, the only man in American history ever richer than Carnegie. While he was at his first job, he was once yelling to an older businessman “I am bound to be rich! Bound to be rich! Bound-to-be-rich!” It seems getting what you want is a mental decision you need to make long before the thing you want is at your doorstep. And the decision needs to be made with complete conviction.

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  • **Show a willingness to solve any situation **you’re in andyou’ll get help if you need it. Live In The Present. Life’s not about what happened before. It’s also not about what’s to come. Yet, we live most of our lives in these two fantasies and little fully present in the moment.

Before we end..🔚

*Hey! Hope you find this useful *.Another part of Life Mantras are getting ready for you all. Stay Cool & get Motivated by practising 🦹.Have a wonderful day😀


Life is full of surprises and memories .It depends on the way you look.If you Step away and look in a different perspective it does turns as your best friend forever..
                                                                                by @vidhyavarshany

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⚠️NOTE:   All the above mentioned rules truly based on my opinion and experiences.This is only to share my perspective on life.

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