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As a manual tester, what qualities are you required to possess?

Attention to detail, curiosity, creativity, strong analytical and problem-solving skills, communication and collaboration skills, patience and persistence, and a passion for quality is the important quality I feel a manual tester is required to posses. I believe I posses these qualities and by cultivating these qualities, testers can make a significant contribution to the success of the software development process and help to deliver high-quality products that meet customer needs and expectations.
The below technical skills are also a must to be a good manual tester and I strongly believe in improving these skills as per the market demand.
• Experience in project management and QA approaches
• Familiarity with agile frameworks
• Working knowledge of testing tools, programming languages
• Error documentation and debugging
• Test management software experience

Apart from these, I also do believe that I have a good soft-skills as mentioned below that helps me to communicate and execute my thought process to deliver a high quality product.
• Written and oral communication skills
• Attention to detail
• Team working and critical thinking
• Professionalism with a team focus
• Interpersonal skills

The bouquet of QA tester responsibilities includes the following activities and I am good at the below mentioned skills/responsibilities.
• Define testing objectives and the methodology to fulfill them
• Review, analyze system specifications, and test procedures
• Early testing of applications for early identification of errors
• See to it that the test strategy is aligned with the development requirements
• Report errors, document logs, and solve technical problems with the development team through bug tracking tools like Bugzilla, etc.
• Root cause analysis of errors and defects
• Executing debugging programs for fixation of defects and bugs
• Design and execute test scripts, and test cases, and evaluate results for manual and automated tests
• Carry out tests on source code and post-release testing
• Function seamlessly with cross-functional teams for enhanced quality
• Work with designers, developers, business analysts, and project managers to analyze business needs and estimate testing efforts
• Find out test data needs and extract necessary test data
• Carry out regression, functional, system, integration, smoke testing
• Measure and manage testing activities with test management tools
• Maintain test environments as per requirements

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