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Stream from OBS to Twitch and Preview With SRT-WHEP

This guide will take you through the step-by-step process of setting up OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) to stream to Twitch and preview the output in browser using our SRT-WHEP tool and Web Player.



  • Installed OBS: Download and install OBS from the official website: OBS Project.


1.Twitch Account Setup:

  • If you don't have a Twitch account, create one by visiting: Twitch Signup.
  • Log in to your Twitch account.

2.Install and Run SRT-WHEP:

  • You need to run the SRT-WHEP application on your computer. You can either build it from source or use the Docker image (for Ubuntu). Detailed building instructions can be found in the GitHub repository.
  • To run it in listener mode and wait on port 1234, execute the following commands:
    • If building from source: srt-whep -i -o -p 8000 -s listener | bunyan
    • If using Docker image: docker run --rm --network host eyevinntechnology/srt-whep -i -o -p 8000 -s listener
  • This will forward the SRT stream to port 8888.

3.Create Input Stream with OBS:

  • Launch OBS on your computer.
  • In OBS, go to the "Sources" tab and add a new source (e.g., macOS Screen Capture).
  • To connect to SRT-WHEP, navigate to the "Settings" menu in OBS and select the "Stream" tab.
  • Choose "Custom" as your streaming service.
  • In the "Server" field, enter the input SRT URL: srt://
  • Start streaming by clicking the "Start Streaming" button. OBS will begin sending the stream to SRT-WHEP as the caller.
  • You'll see in the SRT-WHEP console that the stream is received and ready for playback.

4.Stream to Twitch using SRT-RTMP Tool:

  • Twitch accepts RTMP streams directly but not SRT stream.
  • We have a tool that accepts SRT stream and outputs as RTMP stream.
  • Once it's installed, set your Stream Key as environmental variable STREAM_KEY and then run the srt-rtmp application:

srt-rtmp -i -s listener -o | bunyan
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  • Here the Stream KEY is the Stream Key from your Twitch account. Find it under Creator Dashboard -> Settings -> Stream -> Primary Stream Key.

5.Preview the Stream in Browser:

  • To preview the stream, open the WHEP Player in your web browser.
  • Enter the URL: http://localhost:8000/channel.
  • Click "Play," and within a few seconds, you should see the OBS stream in your browser.

6.Viewing the Stream on Twitch:

  • Navigate to your Twitch account dashboard to view your live stream.

7.Ending the Stream:

  • To stop previewing the stream, click the "Stop" button in the WHEP Web Player.
  • When you're ready to end your stream, return to OBS and click the "Stop Streaming" button.


Congratulations! You've successfully configured OBS to stream to Twitch and previewed the output using your web browser. Enjoy your seamless streaming experience!

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