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I am applying to a job in a company called 'Impact Analytics" as a software engineer intern (Front end) consisting of the following tools or technologies.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, React.js, Flux or Redux components of React.js and also some knowledge of RESTful API.

I am currently working on a project involving developing a front end application using one or more of the above mentioned technologies.

I am not able to understand how to structure this project as when I gave a prompt on Chatgpt on how to structure the project, I was not getting proper results from the prompts that I was giving to Chatgpt AI tool.

If I want to test the code that I have entered in a text editor on a web browser, may I pls know how can I do it and how can I know more about it?

Once I get an answer for this question, there are more questions to follow regarding the front end application development project that I am working on.

Here is the HTML code that I want to test for your reference.

<!DOCTYPE html>

Your Web Application

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