Personal cybersecurity posture for when you're just this guy, you know?

Victoria on October 07, 2019

“Zaphod’s just this guy, you know?” – Halfrunt, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. The book, not the movie. Definitely not the mo... [Read Full]
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It was funny and pretty useful!! Nobody expected Spanish Inquisition 😂

Does your VPN go slower than a usual connection? That, and paying, is what makes me stay in the noVPN world 🤔

Thanks for sharing 🙌


I mean, maybe it’s a little slower? I really don’t notice it much. I’m using OpenVPN with AWS myself though, so I can choose a VPN location nearby to me. That helps it not be too slow.

Here’s my set up:



If that sounds like boring, old, regular security, you’re correct! Cybersecurity isn’t about finding some magic spell that makes your fruit maximally secure. It’s about making your fruit more secure than the fruit next to you. You do this by employing some thoughtful habits, in much the same way as you learned to lock your front door to guard against fruit-snatching robots.

Reminds me of the hungry bear/lion/etc. analogy: I don't need to run faster than the bear that's chasing us down, I just need to be able to run faster than you.


I don’t know about you, but I think the fruit-snatching robot analogy is a whole lot cuter than bear mauling.


Unless you're a diabetic having an insulin-reaction and can't find your fruit. :p


I am very rarely without my VPN, once you get in the habit you don't notice it so much.


Just like brushing your teeth... locking the front door... putting mayonnaise in your coffee... is that one just me?


Are there any particular VPN providers that you would recommend?


The trouble with recommending VPN providers is that recommendations don’t stay evergreen. If dear reader sees this on any day that’s not right now today, any provider I mention may have changed their policies and now I’m a dolt.

The Security in Five Podcast recently went over a top VPN list from Mashable... I’ll find it.

Here it is: I’ve seen ExpressVPN recommended on a few different security podcasts now, so either they’re actually a decent provider or they have really good marketing strategy.


This is a very important matter and I enjoyed so much reading it!!


Love the all the references...along with all of the helpful info!


Thanks Jake! Glad you found it helpful!


This article is really useful, short but straight to the point, which is why I liked it! I have to say, I started using SurfsharkVPN myself recently, and I feel like my data is a bit more secure rather than it was before.


Thank you for the feedback! I’ve been trying to write more to the point, so that’s good to know.

Enjoy the warm fuzzies!

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