How to set up a short feedback loop as a solo coder

Victoria on July 09, 2018

I've spent the last couple years as a solo freelance developer. Comparing this experience to previously working in companies, I've noticed that tho... [Read Full]
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Thanks for the useful insight, as always. Measuring ourselves is not always easy but very important if the chosen career path is freelancing. Your blueprint will come in handy!

Good luck for the book, its progress is probably easier to track then software :-)

ps. the link about the chatrooms full of people is broken


Thanks for this! I'm the only dev at my company, and I find that there's a shortage of this kind of helpful content for someone in this situation.


You're welcome! What other content in this area do you find lacking?


I think you gave a great overview actually. Solo devs have special challenges with feedback loops and code/process reviews. I find that personally I always wonder if I'm using the right design patterns, or if what I'm writing is going to turn into spaghetti, because I don't have someone reviewing my code who can give me that kind of perspective.


I notice that in your section on “Development Team Feedback Loop”, you’ve myopically missed one of the most important practices that good agile teams take advantage of: Pair Programming.
Even for so-called solo development, for folks that worked remotely; they paired “over the wire” for a good part of the day.
It’s a skill that takes getting used to and requires the same single-minded attention to craft and purpose that you’ve described for the rest of your “better practices”.
Try it, you might see how useful feedback can really be.



Thanks for the relevant info on developing or revisiting processes.
I love process and systems, and agree they should be constantly evaluated and evolve as the env changes.


I was just thinking about this topic today, thank you for writing this!


You're welcome! Hope it helped your thought process :)


Thank you for this useful insight. I have been thinking lately on how best to improve as a solo coder. I think I have a guideline now.


That's excellent! I'd love to hear your feedback on how it works out as guide for you, and if there's anything you'd change. Best of luck to you :)

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