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re: I can't make up my mind about Twitter lately VIEW POST

re: Automation is inherently fairly inauthentic. You could probably pull of "interesting content" in a somewhat automated way, but that could be kind o...

Thanks Ben. I think you nailed it and your sentiment echoes offline discussions I’ve been having lately (with others who don’t spend much time on Twitter, go figure). I think my timeline will remain a place for neat experiments in the foreseeable future, and I like your idea for automation.

Maybe looking for authenticity on Twitter and fast media is too much investment, and not worth it besides. I can still play with interesting programs that interact with it though!

Thanks for stirring up some thoughts :)

You could make a recommender system that you would feed interesting posts. This would then search RSS feeds or other sources for similar links and tweet them. This could be built on an ML platform or a search platform like SOLR. Many examples of such recommender systems are available.

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