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Find your specialty by being a T-shaped person.

The technology industry has many possible areas of work: software development, computer security, data science, AI and many more ... In addition, each area triggers a whole series of sub-areas to specialize. The job possibilities are immense, but that can also be overwhelming for some people who have yet to find what to specialize in.

Do I need a specialization?

In general, large companies are looking for people with skills in very specific areas, who have a deep command of a tool, a programming language. This happens because there are not enough professionals or people with the necessary experience to cover the high demand that the industry requires.

T-shaped person

Also known as T-shaped developer, T-shaped professional. It is a profile of a person that has been defined by various industries, where the person learns, at least the basics, about the different areas or sub-areas that are transversal to their more specific skills:

T-shaped person image

But ... I don't know what to specialize in!

My recommendation is to focus on the horizontal part of that T. Experience different areas of the industry of your interest, do not stay only with the first thing you learn. The time will come when you find some area, sub-area, tool, programming language, that you are more passionate about than everything else that you have already learned and place that passion in the vertical part of that T and learn it in depth.

The invitation is not to neglect that horizontal part of the T, when you find your specialty. The advantages of working on both parts of the T will lead you to:

  • Improve your analytical ability to solve problems.
  • Best outlook in the industry.
  • Opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Never stop learning!

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