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I made a Raycast extension to manage all your bank accounts easily

If you don't know it, Raycast it's a super powerful Spotlight replacement for macOS and, it has a store of free extensions where you can find a lot of user-made plugins to add more options and features to it.

I love this app, and I'm working on Monse, so I decide to make an extension to manage all your bank accounts inside Raycast.

How to create an extension for Raycast

How to create an extension for Raycast

Raycast extensions are made with JavaScript and React. If you already know it, it will be effortless for you to create and extension, you just need to know a few things about the Raycast API and available options.

The simpler way to start a new extension is using Raycast and running the "Create Extension" command. This command will ask you some questions about your extension and create a bootstrap folder. You can even choose between a long list of templates to make it even easier.

After this, you just need to go to your extension folder and run npm install && npm run dev. Now you can open Raycast and you will see your extension at the root search.

Now it's your time to build your extension using the Raycast API.

The result

Monse extension for Raycast

Right now, this Monse extension it's a simple command where you can see all your expenses and incomes from all your accounts. You can categorize and add notes to them easily without using your mouse.

It's super simple and convenient to, with just two keystrokes, know the current state and latest transactions of all your bank accounts.

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