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Beautify your terminal and store your configuration in less than a minute

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For the past two years I have been maintaining my own repository with my machine configuration or/and dot files. This has been really useful, since then, every time I change from one machine to another one I just have to run one set up command and, in less than a minute, everything it's set as expected.

Applications, terminal configuration, private keys, fonts and more. Everything it's back, and I can start working without spending time on configuration, etc.

This repository it's private, as I have some important files there, buy I create a public one, so you can do this in seconds in either, Linux or Mac.

Installing Faldot to beautify my terminal

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Your awesome terminal config an dot files installed with just one line

Here you can find the public repository to bootstrap your dot files and start storing them.

To start with this you just need to create a fork (if you want to store your own configuration in your own repository) or just run the set_up command below:

bash <(curl -s
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Customizing your files

After installing faldot you will find all files and configuration in ~/.faldot. There you can update, for example, the files brew.pkglist, pacman.pkglist, apt.pkglist or snap.pkglist to configure your needed applications. Also, you can find a Fonts folder, the .vimrc and .zshrc configurations files and more.

After every change you made you need to commit and push to your repo in order to have this files updated.

Do even more

This repo it's just a starting point. You can configure it and do whatever you want. If you look into the file there you can run whatever command to really customize your files.

Do you miss something? Let my know!

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