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How much of NodeJS is enough ?

Back in January this year I started learning NodeJS.
I have developed many application while working with Modules like
Sockets,EJS,Passport, Express,Mongoose,Express-valditor, Body-Parser ...

I have worked on Session management, CRUD Operations ,Real Time Chat Application ,Secure Login with PassportJS

And the main point is now I want to start learning react as at industry level most of them looking for MERN developers So am I ready to go to react or still I need to spend some time with Node.
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Thanks in Advance !!!

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Julien Prugne

First thing first, their is no enough node point in you career. You will always have new things to learn. I might advise you to look into more complex frameworks like nest js.

If you want to be a full-stack MERN developer, at some point, you will have to learn both things at the same time. You might even have to learn more than 2 things in parallel.

Learning and finding new information is the most critical skill for developers.

Good luck in your learning path

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Mario Santini

I think you're ready.

My advise for the future, if I may.

It's always fine to learn something, but it would be better if you start and focus on the thing you really matter, and don't care too much about some "prerequisites".

If you feel stuck, because you can't understand something conneted to one of those "prerequisites", you can always stop and learn that and then go ahead with your goals.

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Saurabh Sharma

I always favour Learn when you need it so you need to know enough to get things done