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Veterans who code

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Quick stats

  • Veterans make up 7% of the US population
  • 80% of veterans leave the service without a job lined up
  • 200,000 veterans leave the service each year

A Few Stories

Kelly Macleod

Kelly, who is now a project manager at Top Coder, coded for fun as a child and later went into the National Guard. Upon leaving the military, she didn't go into coding. Later a job assessment quiz reminded her of the fun she had coding Sailer Moon fan sites. That's when she found her current job.

Mark Seip

Mark, who is now a principal analyst at MITRE​, spent 24 years in the Navy. He works with AI and feels his experience as a pilot helped him be resilient and able to learn quickly.

Garry Roy

Garry started as an engineer and later joined the Navy reserve where he maintained computer systems. He later started his own IT services firm.

Sheila Jones

Shiela, once a primary school teacher and now a National Guard vet, was looking for a way to use her new skills. She took a project management course and is now a process analyst at Cisco.

AJ Kelly

AJ hoped to become a programmer and joined the Air Force to do so. He didn't end up with the job he was hoping for. So, he used his free time to learn what he could. His efforts paid off as he is now an information security engineer at Telesis.

Most of this information came from an article written by Roberto Torres wrote about 5 US military veterans and their transitions into tech.

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