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4 extraordinary traits of an amazing manager

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Good communicator

A good manager will be able to keep tabs on each team members interests & career aspirations.

Communication ultimately is the key to a successful and high-functioning team. Managers being in a position of power (per se) is able to influence team dynamics and processes by using their voice for the power of good.

Manager managing

Will not micromanage

A good manager will always have a backbone of trust within the team dynamics.

Micromanagement will reduce employee confidence & independence. It will cost also business with the loss of individual minutes that could have been more productively spent.

Great manager

Does not play favorites

Teams typically are compromised of individuals with differing strengths.

From a business perspective there may be some pressure on rapid iteration, but your interests as a manager should not be isolated to business interests.
Your team is your responsibility, their sanity & personal development are in your hands to a degree, if team members #1 has an interest in an area that team member #2 is exceptional in, you still should put in the time and effort to further team member's #1 skills.

Good managers show empathy

Being a good manager means being able to resolve conflicts, deal with stress, understanding & relating to the emotions of others, and much more.

It's just a prank, bro.

Something that is posted online that has agreeable and/or relatable words makes it valid, right?

The amount of and Medium posts stating "N ways to be a good manager", that proceed to describe traits that boil down to: treat the people in your team as human beings is just crazy.

Managers that manage to manage in the interest of both their people & the business praise-worthy.

Communication (including empathy), organisational skills, personal development, not taking credit, ability to communicate are all part of the expectation & duties for a manager.
What should be the baseline is now being labelled as "great"?

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Good article, 10/10 would read again 👏

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Aaron Florey

A good manager doesn't end their articles with "It's just a prank, bro"