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Discussion on: The Outbox Pattern in Event-Driven ASP.NET Core Microservice Architectures

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Venky Venkataraman • Edited

Hi Christian,
Have been following your blogs for a while and would like to thank your for your wonderful articles. If you don't mind can I ask you something? I can't seem to find IntegrationEventOutbox in the dbContext? Am I missing something?

I think I get it now. Looks like there is a small typo, you called the class IntegrationEvent but later on in the controller you seem to do this --> _context.IntegrationEventOutbox.Add , this should be _context.IntegrationEvent.Add.

Is that right?

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Christian Zink Author

Hello Venky, thank you for your feedback and sorry for my late reply. You will have to add it as DbSet to the UserServiceContext. I missed that in the description and will fix it.