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Veer Abheek Singh
Veer Abheek Singh

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Help - Feedback required

Hi guys,

I have been working with my team for some time now and I manage the product and am looking for constructive feedback from the community.

All Aboard?

TotalCloud - Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring & Management

FYI- made on Unity3D.

Cost Analyzer
Cost Analyzer

Dynamic Grouping
Dynamic grouping

Topology View
Topology view


Future Roadmap:

Open to suggestions

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Jason C. McDonald • Edited

Hey, could you possibly embed those images? It'll make it easier to read. It works like this...

![The image alt text](theimagelink)

(BTW, took me a while to learn that, so don't feel bad!)

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Veer Abheek Singh

Thanks, did.


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Sean Killeen

Hey! I've noticed that in this post you use "guys" as a reference to the entire community, which is not made up of only guys but a variety of community members.

I'm running an experiment and hope you'll participate. Would you consider changing "guys" to a more inclusive term? If you're open to that, please let me know when you've changed it and I'll delete this comment.

For more information and some alternate suggestions, see

Thanks for considering!