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Calling Rust from Common Lisp

I didn't do anything fancy. I create C compatible wrapper in Rust, and call the wrapper from Common Lisp using CFFI.

My C compatible wrapper functions

pub extern "C" fn zstd_line_read_new<'a>(zstd_file_path: *const c_char) -> *mut c_void {
    let r_zstd_file_path = unsafe { CStr::from_ptr(zstd_file_path) };
    let file = File::open(r_zstd_file_path.to_str().unwrap());
    if file.is_err() {
        eprintln!("Cannot open file {}", r_zstd_file_path.to_str().unwrap());
        return ptr::null::<c_void>() as *mut c_void;
    let file = file.unwrap();
    let wrapper = DecoderWrapper::new(file);
    Box::into_raw(Box::new(wrapper)) as *mut c_void

pub extern "C" fn zstd_line_read<'a>(reader: *mut c_void) -> *const c_char {
    let wrapper: *mut DecoderWrapper<'a> = reader as *mut DecoderWrapper<'a>;
    let mut line = Vec::with_capacity(BUF_SIZE);
    unsafe {
        match (*wrapper).read_line(&mut line) {
            Ok(len) => {
                if len == 0 {
                    return ptr::null();
                } else {
                    return CString::from_vec_unchecked(line).into_raw();
            Err(e) => {
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I added this to Carto.toml

crate-type = ["cdylib"]
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It makes Cargo create DLL on Windows or .so on Linux instead of Rust specific library format.

In my Common Lisp code:

(ql:quickload :cffi)
(defpackage :t1
  (:use :cl :cffi))
(in-package :t1)

(define-foreign-library zstd_read_line
  (:win32 (:default "./target/release/zstd_read_line"))
  (t (:default "./target/release/libzstd_read_line")))

(use-foreign-library zstd_read_line)

(defcfun ("zstd_line_read_new" create-zstd-reader) :pointer (zstd_archive_path :string))
(defcfun ("zstd_line_read" zstd-read-line) :string (reader :pointer))

(let ((reader (create-zstd-reader "test1.txt.zst")))
  (loop for line = (zstd-read-line reader)
    while line
    do (print line)))
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It required Quicklisp for install CFFI. This process doesn't require cbindgen because I define C interface in Common Lisp manually, as you may see at defcfun.

And then it works even on Windows 10.

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