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Gosh, this is basically how I feel. I don't have nearly as much experience, but I am extremely confident in the skills I do have. My passion is HTML and CSS/SCSS and accessibility, ultimately leading to UX. My JS is mediocre at best... But I can write some decent PHP. For years I questioned if I could even be considered a developer.

The Great Divide by CSS Tricks made me feel a ton better as it showed me that there are many others like me. In fact, we're no uncommon. However, I'm looking to get away from my current job and I haven't found a single post that doesn't mention JavaScript and it's frameworks as being important.

It's a trapping feeling.


This resonates with me so much.

I honestly feel like none of my other skills matter at all any more; The only skill that seems to matter is knowing React.

I've been trying to improve my JavaScript skills... I'm pretty comfortable with DOM manipulation, but I don't know ES6 well, nor have I ever worked with APIs or done anything with Node.

I am trying to improve but so many days it feels like I can never move fast enough to keep up, and I worry that my type of Front End Developer is going to disappear.


As José Muñoz said above: "It doesn't matter what language or framework you use, once you know how you want your data to flow through your application you can implement it however you like."

Given their name, developers should be able to develop. But developing is only dependent on knowing a way to develop, not necessarily developing using a specific framework like React, or even a specific language like JavaScript. Not unless you want to be a JavaScript and React developer.

If you feel like you want to improve as a developer, then work on improving yourself as a developer.

If you feel like there is a trend towards using React, instead of experiencing it as a trapping feeling, go with the flow and at least try to understand what all the fuss is about. You do not have to learn anything you do not want to. Development is in and of itself method agnostic. Do it how you want.

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