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Learn Anything FAST In Just 4 Steps 🔥

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I can guarantee many of you already do this unconsciously but putting the process to the madness has really helped me speed up my learning - coming from someone who wasn't the fastest learner.

Lets kick it off

1. Choose a concept

Find a topic that intrests you like Dala Analytics, Machine Learning, Backend Engineering, DevOps - A topic you're passionate about

2. Teach it to a child

Yep, try teach devops to a child and explain what docker is to a kid and you'll be hit with so many questions, it'll really test your understanding. And that's the magic, when you really understand your concepts - you can mutate the words you use to describe something.

That power comes from control of your knowledge

Once you go through the first cycle of learning, definitely try explain it to someone young or unaware of the topic at all. You will be forced to remove ANY form of jargon, you start using analogies and examples.

As humans, we learn by example, hence why every concept in school was matched with an example. Think back and remember the number of times in an Exam you remembered things through examples vs the actual theoretical concept.

3. Identify Gaps

There will be gaps in your analogies that you can't fulfil the first time around, its good - it means you're learning and evolving your examples.
Go back and revise the topics till you can draw familiarity.

My udemy course I taught people how redux is similar to an elevator vs passing props in components which is similar to using the stairs. One is directly going from point A to point B almost "skipping" levels, whilst the other you're forced to hit every floor.

Something as simple as that results in feedback as such

4. Review & Simplify

Re-assess your initial approach and add patterns that fix your original story. Simplify it as much as possible and explain it again and again until its natural.


True power of authority is using simple words to explain complex things - not complex words to explain simple things.

Here's a view of the Feynman Technique which I highlighted above!

Hope this helps you! And I definitely would love to hear your thoughts/additions in the comments section 💪

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Ìm stuck with step 2, where do I get a toddler?


Hahaha I had the same question. But the solution came up quickly: Instead a toddler I always try to explain it to my girlfriend. She might not be a toddler :P, but she's a swift learner who doesn't know anything about programming.

Finding a girlfriend should be more easy that finding a toddler :P


You'd be surprised with that


Hahahahaha. That is a big issue indeed.


Nice article! I'll have to apply this to my son. He's only 11 months right now. Garble garble... scream scream...toss crackers. lol

I actually have been using simple metaphors to explain complex processes within web development to my managers and PMs. They are by no means toddlers, but their apptitude to understand complex logic is minimal at best, so simple analogies like a car, a wheel, a window, how it connects and move helps a lot.


Hey. Thank you very much for this amazing text, unintentionally I'm doing the first two steps and after your words i will do the last ones. I wish you good day and all the best!


Amazing!!! All the best to you