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If you are looking for a fast way for live monitoring your server http(s) traffics here's a tool that is easy to install : ngxtop

All you need is to have python and pip installed on your system :

apt-get install python python-pip

And then use pip to install the tool

pip install ngxtop

If the installation fails, there is a big chance that you need to update the setup tools as well and try again :

pip install --upgrade setuptools
pip install ngxtop

After the tool is installed you can type ngxtop. The tool assumes you didn't modify the access log in your nginx configuration (/var/log/nginx/access.log) and run successfully.

Next you can visit one page of your server and you should see live update in the terminal.

More details on the github


If you search for a more advanced tool you should also consider checking goaccess. goaccess is more like a log analyzer, it is also real-time but the stats is made from all the data in the log versus ngxtop that starts making stats from the moment you run the command.

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