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Discussion on: How to become a Game Developer?

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Vincent Dedo

Hello, fellow aspiring gamedev here. I've chosen the route to create my own studio/company with a friend. Given the power of the tools we have now and the number of successful solo-developed indie games, you can pull it off. That's the main reason for us wanting to try it, it's feasible.

It sounds like you want to create a big studio where you can get others to also follow their passion. I'm not sure how that would work as that's not my plan. My friend and I are planning on staying as a 2-man team for a while, with the focus being sustainability and being able to live off selling games, not growing a studio.

I hope that whatever you choose, it works out and it makes you happy!

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Nicola Author

Hi Vincent! Thanks for your reply! I want to start with a little studio like yours, and if it goes well expand it giving others the possibility to become game devs in Italy. It's a big goal but at least I want to try!